Secure Remote Disk

Secure your workflows

GenericFileServerIcon Connect to your remote servers with super secure SSH and the *cough* convenience of MacOS X' Finder. Secure Remote Disk provides simple user interface for MacFUSE and sshfs. Secure Remote Disk requires MacFUSE-Core 0.1.7 or newer to work. MacFUSE is still alpha software. So it might not behave like you want. Neither I or the MacFUSE developers can be made responsible for any loss of data, soft- or hardware. Use at your own risk.

You can help, too!

Since I put quite some work into this release I think it is fair to ask for donations. So if you like to support the future development of Secure Remote Disk, go here. Thanks!

Changes for Version 0.3

Changes for Version 0.2

Giving back

Without Open Source all this wouldn't be possible. Thanks to everybody involved! Give and ye shall receive — Well, I received and now it is time to give. I added Keychain Access to the askpass utility that comes with and I am giving this back as a contribution to the project. Get the diff here.